Ink Cartridge Recycling For Cash

Earn cash for recycling your empty or unused ink cartridges


Recycle Your Empty Ink Cartridges

We buy your empty ink cartridges for up to $3 each. We pay you anywhere from $0.75 to $3.00 per HP cartridge with an average payout of $25.00

Can ink cartridges be recycled?

Yes, Printer cartridges can be recycled. It's Easy to Create an Account and Start your Free Trade-in. Printer Cartridge Recycling is easy, just add each ink cartridge to your Recycling Cart to qualify.

How do you dispose of old ink cartridges?

We accept your used ink cartridges for recycling. Use the Recycling Cart to trade in your ink cartridges for cash. You receive a Free Shipping lable via email once you're done checking out.

Get Paid to Recycle!

We have a quick and easy checkout process. Click the "proceed to get paid" button once you're done filling up your recycling cart. Answer some quick questions to get your Free Shipping Label. not only recycles your old ink cartridges, but we also pay you for them! Once we inspect your box we mail you money!

Search for your cartridge type here:

Popular Searches:

recycle your CH562 Color No. 61 HP 61    recycle your C2P06AN Tri-Color No. 62 HP 62    recycle your F6U61AN Tri-color No. 63 HP 63    recycle your N9K04AN Black No. 65XL HP 64    recycle your C6615AN/DN Black No.15 HP 45

HP Cartridges We Accept: See Full Price List
Click "Recycle" and Choose the quantity using the + or - buttons

$ 1.00 / Trade In Value HP 67 Tri-color
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value HP 67 Black
$ .50 / Trade In Value N9K03AN Tri-Color No.65XL
$ .40 / Trade In Value N9K01AN Tri-Color No.65
$ .50 / Trade In Value N9K04AN Black No. 65XL
$ .40 / Trade In Value N9K02AN Black No. 65
$ 3.00 / Trade In Value HP 15 EXPIRED - IN BOX
$ 3.50 / Trade In Value HP 45 EXPIRED - IN BOX
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value HP 64XL Tri-color N9J91AN
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value HP 64XL Black N9J92AN
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value N9J89AN Tri-color No. 64
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value N9J90AN Black No. 64

Canon Cartridges We Accept: See Full Price List
Click "Recycle" and Choose the quantity using the + or - buttons

$ 1.00 / Trade In Value CL-244 Color
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value PG-243 Black
$ 1.25 / Trade In Value CL-241XL Color
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value PG-240XL Black
$ .95 / Trade In Value CL-211XL Color
$ 0.05 / Trade In Value BC-20 Black
$ 0.75 / Trade In Value CL-51 Color
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value PG-210 Black
$ 0.50 / Trade In Value CL-41 Color
$ 0.05 / Trade In Value BC-05 Tri-Color
$ 0.05 / Trade In Value CL-52 Photo
$ 0.50 / Trade In Value BX-3 Black
$ 0.50 / Trade In Value PG-40 Black
$ 0.50 / Trade In Value PG-50 Black HC
$ 1.25 / Trade In Value CL-211 Color
$ 0.25 / Trade In Value BC-02 Black
$ 1.00 / Trade In Value PG-210XL Black

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Where is the best place to recycle empty ink cartridges?

Recycling your ink cartridges online is easy with We offer FREE Shipping to mail them back through our online trade-in program.

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How to Recycle Ink Cartridges

  • will offer to pay cash for your used printer cartridges. OR Get rid of them at your local office supply store which will take some time out of your busy day. Most likley they will not pay you anything.

  • is online and offers Free Shipping. It's as easy as an amazon return. OR you can drive to a local recycling center and waste gas going out of your way to plan a recycling day trip....

Why Recycling is So Important

  • Fundraise and help your school, church or nonprofit with a FREE recycling program. Recycling empty printer cartridges is a great way to put some cash back into your group or organization

  • Refill the original brand cartridges to save time and avoid a trip to the store. Be advised, this will get messy and there is no guarantee once you decide to tamper with an original HP cartridge

The Most Trusted Empty Cartridge Trade In Program

Why You Should Recycle With Us

Easy Ink Cartridge Recycling

step 2 choose packing materials is an online service that lets you recycle your empty cartridges for cash. Our team encourages you to take part in a worldwide movement to help our environment and earn some extra money while doing so.

100% Online Trade In Program

step 3 sort your cartridges

Our purpose as an organization is to decrease the amount of e-waste from empty inkjets by giving everyone the opportunity to sell empty ink cartridges for cash. We are dedicated to involving businesses and schools in our recycling programs, raise money and clean up our landfills.

We Cover the Shipping!

step 4 pack your cartridges for shipping

Start your next fundraiser with us. Enjoy the benefits that we have to offer including free shipping and our free recycling management system! See how much money we can earn for your school. Sign Up for a Recycling Fundraiser and sell your cartridges today!

Recycling Fundraisers

"What could be easier than a fundraiser you could use forever?" provides you with the flexibility of placing an order at any time. Start your next fundraiser with us and see how much money we can earn for your school, charity or business. Cartridge recycling is a great fundraiser. Never worry about how much extra money you have to spend on a candy drive. Bottom line -- Recycle and you will never have to worry about spending extra money to start your fundraiser! There is no contract either. All you have to do is collect the empty inkjet cartridges and we will recycle them for cash!

It’s easy to use our ink recycling website for school fundraisers. Over that last couple of years, has helped hundreds of schools raise money for their causes. Use recycling to earn money and help pay for school field trips or school dances. This is the best way to have some extra money to pay for supplies to pass along to the kids. The most effective way to recycle ink cartridges for cash is to start collecting cartridges early in the school year. Collect your empty inkjet cartridges and raise the most money for your school!

How to recycle video 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to dispose of ink cartridges?

Ready to get rid of empty ink cartridges? Answer a few simple questions to start the cartridge Trade in program. Choose the empty cartridges you have and get your trade in estimate. Once complete we'll email you a free shipping label. Trade in your empty ink cartridges for money, we recycle it even if your cartridge isn’t eligible for credit, we’ll recycle it for free. We can turn it into something good for the planet.

2. How long does it take to receive a check?

Did you know you can get Money for ink cartridge recycling? We process every payment promptly within 30 days of inspection. Expect to see a check in your mailbox regardless of requesting payment. Feel free to email or call us if you have any payment questions.

3. Where to recycle used ink cartridges?

Once you've collected your empty cartridges, go to to ger an instant trade-in estimate. We'll email you a free shipping label once your answered a few questions about your cartridge trade-in. After, you can drop off your ready to ship box of cartridges at the closest UPS.

4. How much can you get for used ink cartridges? will send you money every month in the form of a check. Big-box office-supply stores like OfficeDepot only have recycling reward programs for store credit. These stores only give you limited credit for each qualifying cartridge that you turn in, up to a maximum of 10 empty cartridges per month. We have no limit on recycling!

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