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Why Recycle with Us?
Don’t let other recycling programs fool you! We give you $$ for your inkjets, while other programs give you rewards.

Our recycling program is guaranteed to pay you the full amount of your inkjets ON TIME!

Don’t let the sliding economy deplete all of your cash. Join the Inkrecycling.org family and replenish your wallet by recycling your empty inkjets!

When you recycle with us, you can be certain that all of your inkjets will be properly recycled.

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NO FEES! – There are no hidden finance charges. What you see is what you get!

FREE SHIPPING! – When you are an Inkrecycling.org family member, we will PAY for your shipping!

NO LIMITS – There are no limits to the amount of $$ you can make recycling your inkjets with us. The more you recycle – The more you make!

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