Terms and conditions


Prior to shipping your empty cartridges to InkRecycling.org, every order must have an InkRecycling.org issued shipment order number. To obtain a shipment order number, please use our online recycling cart and click check out to confirm your order. You can access our online recycling cart at www.inkrecycling.org

  • 1. Log on or Sign up for an account at InkRecycling.org
  • 2. Add your empty cartridges to your recycling cart.
  • 3. Click check out and confirm your recycling shipment.


Empty cartridge purchase orders take approximately 10-15 days to process after arrival or inspection. InkRecycling.org has the right to refuse to issue purchase orders on a case by case basis at InkRecycling.org's discretion. Once a purchase order is issued, a copy will be emailed to the company name on the form and then freight arrangements will be made. InkRecycling.org will pay freight for all empty cartridge orders that have a minimum value of $ 15.00. InkRecycling.org will not pay freight charges for empty cartridge orders that have less than the minimum value of $ 15.00, however InkRecycling.org will pay for the freight charge and deduct it from the credit given. However, each order will be evaluated prior to issuing a purchase order. InkRecycling.org will not be responsible for lift gate charges or additional fees associated with residential pickups. Upon receiving your shipment, we will inspect your cartridges, total their value and credit your account. We issue checks once a month.

Surplus Expired Ink Conditions

To ensure eligibility, it's important that you send in your cartridge(s) with all of the original packaging. If no box is available then make sure they come inside an un opened sealed bag from HP foil tear proof or if there is any question about its validity please contact us before sending anything out! Unfortunately any cartridges received as is opened or removed from their original packaging will no longer qualify as Expired/Surplus pricing.


All empty cartridges shipped to InkRecycling.org must be packaged properly to avoid damage during shipping. When packaging inkjet cartridges, if you do not have the original box then a baggie will work. For large quantities, place each inkjet neatly in a box with the empty inkjet cartridges all facing the same way. Make sure to separate each layer of cartridges in the box with either cardboard, newspaper or bubble wrap. When packaging laser cartridges, if you do not have the original box, bubble wrap each cartridge or wrap them in paper so they are secure in the box. We suggest each sealed box must contain an itemized packing list including the InkRecycling.org issued order/shipment number, part number, description and quantity. Starting in 2022 a 5% processing fee is added to all shipments over $25 in value due to the ongoing inflation and fee increases from UPS and USPS over the 2020-2021 years. We hope to remove these processing fees if UPS rates are reduced in 2023. 

All pallet shipments must be shrink-wrapped. Each pallet must have the purchase order number and a packing list attached or included in the box. The packing list must have your company name, InkRecycling.org issued shipment/order number, and the contents of the pallet or box listed by part number, description and quantity.

Empty cartridges that are not packaged properly as determined by InkRecycling.org incoming inspection will not be processed any further. Return shipping will be the sole responsibility of the seller. If the shipment is not retrieved within 7 days of notification, then InkRecycling.org will dispose of it if shipping has not been arranged.

InkRecycling.org will not take responsibility for empty cartridge shipments that are damaged during the shipping process due to poor packaging. Advice on proper packaging may obtained by our empties department personnel. If necessary, it will be up to the empty cartridge seller to file any/all claims with the freight carrier.

All empty cartridges purchased by InkRecycling.org i must be in a good working condition and free from defects. Any empty cartridge determined to be defective or unusable will not be accepted or paid for. It is the responsibility of the empty cartridge seller to make arrangements to have these cartridges returned. InkRecycling.org will keep these empties for a period of 7 days from notification before they are disposed of.

Thank you for your cooperation and we want you to know that we value your business and appreciate your continued support.

Guidelines/Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
Updated: December 23, 2021