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Empty Cartridge Buy Back List:

Brand Preview Cartridge Number Value More Info
HP HP 67 Tri-color HP 67 Tri-color $1.00 VIEW
HP HP 67 Black HP 67 Black $1.00 VIEW
HP N9K03AN Tri-Color No.65XL N9K03AN Tri-Color No.65XL $.50 VIEW
HP N9K01AN Tri-Color No.65 N9K01AN Tri-Color No.65 $.40 VIEW
HP N9K04AN Black No. 65XL N9K04AN Black No. 65XL $.50 VIEW
HP N9K02AN Black No. 65 N9K02AN Black No. 65 $.40 VIEW
HP HP 64XL Tri-color N9J91AN HP 64XL Tri-color N9J91AN $1.00 VIEW
HP HP 64XL Black N9J92AN HP 64XL Black N9J92AN $1.00 VIEW
HP N9J89AN Tri-color No. 64 N9J89AN Tri-color No. 64 $1.00 VIEW
HP N9J90AN Black No. 64 N9J90AN Black No. 64 $1.00 VIEW
HP HP 63XL Tri-color F6U63AN HP 63XL Tri-color F6U63AN $.40 VIEW
HP HP 63XL Black F6U64AN HP 63XL Black F6U64AN $.40 VIEW
HP F6U61AN Tri-color No. 63 F6U61AN Tri-color No. 63 $.40 VIEW
HP F6U62AN Black No. 63 F6U62AN Black No. 63 $.40 VIEW
HP C2P07AN Tri-color 62XL C2P07AN Tri-color 62XL $1.00 VIEW
HP C2P06AN Tri-Color No. 62 C2P06AN Tri-Color No. 62 $1.00 VIEW
HP C2P05AN Black No. 62XL C2P05AN Black No. 62XL $1.00 VIEW
HP C2P04AN Black No. 62 C2P04AN Black No. 62 $1.00 VIEW
HP CH563WN Black No. 61XL CH563WN Black No. 61XL $0.50 VIEW
HP CH561 Black No. 61 CH561 Black No. 61 $0.50 VIEW
HP CH562 Color No. 61 CH562 Color No. 61 $0.50 VIEW
HP CH564WN Color No. 61XL CH564WN Color No. 61XL $0.50 VIEW
HP CC643WN Tri-Color No. 60 CC643WN Tri-Color No. 60 $0.25 VIEW
HP CC644WN Tri-Color No. 60XL CC644WN Tri-Color No. 60XL $0.25 VIEW
HP CC641WN Black No. 60XL CC641WN Black No. 60XL $0.50 VIEW
HP CC640WN Black No. 60 CC640WN Black No. 60 $0.50 VIEW
HP CC656AN Tri-Color No 901 CC656AN Tri-Color No 901 $0.55 VIEW
HP CC653AN Black No. 901 CC653AN Black No. 901 $0.55 VIEW
HP CC654AN Black No. 901XL CC654AN Black No. 901XL $0.55 VIEW
HP HP 63/302 Instant ink Tri-color HP 63/302 Instant ink Tri-color $.15 VIEW
HP HP 63/302 Instant ink Black HP 63/302 Instant ink Black $.15 VIEW
HP HP 65/304 Instant ink Tri-color HP 65/304 Instant ink Tri-color $.15 VIEW
HP HP 65/304 Instant ink Black HP 65/304 Instant ink Black $.15 VIEW
HP C9351AN Black No.21 C9351AN Black No.21 $0.05 VIEW
HP 51645A/G Black No. 45A 51645A/G Black No. 45A $1.75 VIEW
HP C6615AN / DN Black No.15 C6615AN / DN Black No.15 $1.50 VIEW
HP C8766W Tri-Color No.95 C8766W Tri-Color No.95 $0.05 VIEW
HP C9361W Tri-Color No.93 C9361W Tri-Color No.93 $0.05 VIEW
HP C9363W Tri-Color No.97 C9363W Tri-Color No.97 $0.05 VIEW
HP C8727AN Black No.27 C8727AN Black No.27 $0.10 VIEW
HP CB335WN Black No.74 CB335WN Black No.74 $0.10 VIEW
HP CB336WN Black High Yield No.74XL CB336WN Black High Yield No.74XL $0.10 VIEW
HP C8767W Black No.96 C8767W Black No.96 $0.05 VIEW
HP CB337WN Color No.75 CB337WN Color No.75 $0.10 VIEW
HP CB338WN Color High Yield No.75XL CB338WN Color High Yield No.75XL $0.10 VIEW
HP C9352AN Tri-Color No.22 C9352AN Tri-Color No.22 $0.05 VIEW
HP C8728AN Tri-color No.28 C8728AN Tri-color No.28 $0.05 VIEW
HP CB304AN Tri-Color No. 110 CB304AN Tri-Color No. 110 $0.05 VIEW
HP CD973AN Magenta No. 920XL CD973AN Magenta No. 920XL $0.01 VIEW
HP CD972AN Cyan No. 920XL CD972AN Cyan No. 920XL $0.01 VIEW
HP CD971AN Black No. 920 CD971AN Black No. 920 $0.01 VIEW
HP CH634AN Cyan No. 920 CH634AN Cyan No. 920 $0.01 VIEW
HP CD974AN Yellow No. 920XL CD974AN Yellow No. 920XL $0.01 VIEW
HP CH6356AN Yellow No. 920 CH6356AN Yellow No. 920 $0.01 VIEW
HP CN045AN HP 950XL Black CN045AN HP 950XL Black $0.05 VIEW
HP CN049AN HP 950 Black CN049AN HP 950 Black $0.05 VIEW
HP CN050AN HP 951 Cyan CN050AN HP 951 Cyan $0.05 VIEW
HP CN051AN HP 951 Magenta CN051AN HP 951 Magenta $0.05 VIEW
HP CN052AN HP 951 Yellow CN052AN HP 951 Yellow $0.05 VIEW
HP CN048AN HP 951XL Yellow CN048AN HP 951XL Yellow $0.05 VIEW
HP CN046AN HP 951XL Cyan CN046AN HP 951XL Cyan $0.05 VIEW
HP CN047AN HP 951XL Magenta CN047AN HP 951XL Magenta $0.05 VIEW
Canon CL-244 Color CL-244 Color $1.00 VIEW
Canon PG-243 Black PG-243 Black $1.00 VIEW
Canon CL-241XL Color CL-241XL Color $1.25 VIEW
Canon PG-240XL Black PG-240XL Black $1.00 VIEW
Canon CL-211XL Color CL-211XL Color $.95 VIEW
Canon BC-20 Black BC-20 Black $0.05 VIEW
Canon CL-51 Color CL-51 Color $0.75 VIEW
Canon PG-210 Black PG-210 Black $1.00 VIEW
Canon CL-41 Color CL-41 Color $0.50 VIEW
Canon BC-05 Tri-Color BC-05 Tri-Color $0.05 VIEW
Canon CL-52 Photo CL-52 Photo $0.05 VIEW
Canon BX-3 Black BX-3 Black $0.50 VIEW
Canon PG-40 Black PG-40 Black $0.50 VIEW
Canon PG-50 Black HC PG-50 Black HC $0.50 VIEW
Canon CL-211 Color CL-211 Color $1.25 VIEW
Canon BC-02 Black BC-02 Black $0.25 VIEW
Canon PG-210XL Black PG-210XL Black $1.00 VIEW

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