The 10 Best Environmental Instagram Accounts to Follow

(Protesters bringing awarness to climate change)

Instagram is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in the world of recycling, the environment, and climate change. In this blog post, we will share with you our top 10 favorite environmental Instagram accounts. Our team here at InkRecycling is very eco-friendly as well as social media addicts. These accounts are full of inspiring photos and information about ways we can all work together to protect our planet. We hope you enjoy them!


@_kudosofficial is one of our favorite sustainable accounts on Instagram and they always posts beautiful post about the environment. From recycling bins to a close up of a leaf, this account captures everyday tasks and shows you methods to reduce your waste and become more inspired. Check out their account for inspiring quotes and reels with step by step directions for each eco-friendly tip they post!


@zerowastechef is a great account to follow if you’re looking for tips on how to reduce your waste. This account is run buy the author and chef Anne-Marie Bonneau and give you daily tips on what to do with your house hold waste. Give them a follow and you will learn a lot about zero waste lifestyle.


@nature_org is an amazing account that shares breathtaking photos of nature. This account will make you fall in love with our planet and inspire. This account has the most beautiful daily pictures of animals and the environment. Follow if you like HD nat geo style photos.


@wastefreeplanet is a very creative account that post interesting facts and info graphics to help teach followers how to make more sustainable choices. Learn something new every day when you follow their recycling-tips is an account that shares recycling tips for everyday items. This account is great if you want to know how to recycle things that and watch how to videos to save water and food waste. Our favorite post lately is the "how to eat more veggies" chart which lays out an easy plan for anyone to consume more green in their life.


@recyclebycity is an account for the socially active city based recycler. They document various recycling programs in each city with beautiful charts and story posts. If you're looking for recycling inspiration, or want to know more about your local recycling program- this account is a must follow. They also are known to promote in the Chicago and LosAngeles areas.


@futureearth is a very social account with a focus on activisim and ongoing climate change news. They post relevant news articles, pictures and videos of climate activism around the world. This account is perfect for people looking for a comprehensive understanding of climate change and how to help. Check out their "GOOD NEWS TUESDAY" post for the most up to date world climate news.


@thezerowasteguide is your daily guide to a zero waste life, according to their bio. This account post eye catching info-graphics and charts to let you make better waste decisions. They also post a lot about recycling which can be extremely helpful. is a great sustainability living / lifestyle account. Its a smaller account but still post some beautiful photos of vegetables and eco-living hope DIY tips.This account posts about recycling, composting and reducing waste. They provide a lot of helpful tips to make it easy for people to make small changes


@zeroxplastic is all about the mission to remove plastic from our daily lives. If you're into memes and viral post, this account is for you. They post daily climate activist photos to help spread awareness about the plastic epidemic. They provide a lot of helpful tips to make it easy!

Finally we'll need to mention our own team's social media accounts!


@inkrecycling is our official instagram account. We focused on spreading awareness about the ink cartridge waste problem happening on our planet. Millions of empty ink cartridges are disposed of each month causing harm and destruction to our environment. Our account promotes quick tips to help save our planet while earning a little cash back by recycling your empty ink cartridges. No other service pays cash for empty inkcartridges to consumers. Follow us for weekly updates from our social media team!

Are your favorite environmental Instagram accounts shown? Share them with us on Instagram and Twitter! We love finding new ways to go green and would love to hear from you.

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