How Does Cartridge Recycling Help our Planet?


Our oceans are where many species of sea animals live and breed. It is also a great place for divers to enjoy the wonders of the deep and have fun underwater. With that said, you must already know that ocean contamination is a serious matter that has only recently started to get some attention from those concerned about our future generations, or even involved in boating or fishing.

Yet still, all we hear about are plastics polluting our waters but what few people realize is that there are other materials which cause just as much harm as plastic does when it enters our waterways and aquatic life starts ingesting it. Either way, fish die because these contaminants destroy their digestive system by coating their bodies with toxic chemicals and blocking up their intestines so they can't feed or breed properly.

Are you worried about the environment? Recycling is a good step towards preserving our green home. When you recycle, trees are saved, pollution is reduced and energy is saved. Recycle your Ink Cartridges by sending them to! It also means less damage to land that are used for disposing hazardous wastes like lead from batteries or other electronics devices which are recycled into new products!

So what can be done with these empty ink tanks? Well, Ink Recycling Program has made it super easy for you! You can send in your empty ink cartridges to them after seeing if you qualify for our Free Shipping Program. Our team at will take your empty ink cartridges and give you money for them. Recycle your Ink Cartridges and make some extra cash or to help a program in need.


The invention of ink cartridges made print possible. When laser printers and photocopiers were invented, this changed how we disposed of these items. Recycling ink cartridges is a simple way to save our environment from hazardous pollutants that are found inside these empty tanks.

Recycling your ink cartridge allows you to help in preserving this new technology for future generations. Recycling them will eliminate water contamination that results in toxins released into the air polluting and contaminating our soil and subsequently entering the food chain where fish eat algae which absorbs all the contaminants from groundwater and pollutes them with petroleum-based chemicals.

I bet you're probably thinking, "well what do I do about it?" Well I got a few tips that might help make a difference, especially if we all do our part. Besides being more eco-conscious in general: You can reduce the amount of micro-plastics in the environment by recycling everything, dispose of your trash in its proper bins, reach out to your community resources on where to dispose hazardous materials, and according to Netflix latest documentary Seaspiracy - stop eating fish!

The following are the Top 5 Recycling Tips:

  • You can refill old cartridges with ink instead of buying new ones.
  • You can recycle ink cartridges through our guaranteed trade-in program, which properly recycles them.
  • Use ink cartridge recycling to make money for your school or non-profit organization.
  • The ink in cartridges is hazardous so make sure to keep it safe by storing them properly.
  • Share with friends and family to educate them on how to properly recycle their ink cartridges.
Recycling old ink cartridges is the most eco-friendly and fiscally responsible way to use, reuse and recycle these empty ink tanks. Recycle your cartridges via our trade-in program and receive your Free Shipping to any state in the U.S.A.!

Thank you for taking action to save our oceans
- InkRecycling Team

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