Tips To Make Money After Your Holiday Spending

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I’m sure you, like most people after the holiday - myself included, are a bit low on funds after all the holiday festivities & could sure use some funds to help make it over the hump into the New Year. Well don’t fear my friend today I’m going to share some tips & tricks that will not only help you save but also MAKE money! What’s better than making money? Giving back to the earth while you do so by also recycling.

  • There’s nothing better than that feeling you get from getting a whole new wardrobe, updating your look & style, and feeling like your best self. Except one thing, making money off your older clothes that might still have another wear or two in them. We all have that one shirt we keep in the closet that’s a hundred years old - never worn before , but keep it because it’s too nice to just give or throw away. Well why not make some cash off it and give it a new repurposed home? Luckily there’s cool places like Buffalo Exchange where you can take your clothes that are either name brand or “designer” and they will give you the option of cash or store credit. They take your clothes - make sure it meets their store standards, reprice them and resell them to their new forever home.

  • Scrap Metal & Car Batteries are some common ordinary house hold items we may have lying around and have no idea what to do with. Well I’m here to tell you that now not only can you recycle those items but you can make money doing so too. Thankfully there are websites like How to Recycle Metal to help figure out the steps before doing so. Also other cool sites like TM Scrap Mental Recycling Center Quick disclaimer: it may be different search results for different areas & locations.

  • Lastly one of the most common things we all come across, Aluminum Cans, Plastic & Glass BOTTLES. One of the biggest things we face in today’s world is the over growing sea of filth & landfill that is starting to pile and really impact the world around us. Finally something is finally being done about it, thanks to reusable bottle and such, being made. Well, you need cash for that new reusable bottle so you go collect all those pesky bottles & cans you have laying around, and maybe pick up a few outside and take them over to your local Bottle & Cans Redemption Center. Also click over here and check out Cal Recycle CA to find a location near you. They also have this page Cal Recycle CA to help give you an idea of what they do for you.

Thank you for Recycling! - Mika InkRecycling Team

Can your school or group help?

Yes! We encourage schools to promote recycling. Please learn more on our fundraising page Read More

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