See where customers are recycling ink cartridges from all over the country.
Recycle your ink cartridges online and recycling on facebook.

See who else is using

What are you looking at?

You're seeing online recycling customers from all over the US. Every time you place an order, we drop a place mark on that city. The more cities that order, the more pins we drop – maybe a pin is close to your city. If their city is doing it - why not yours?

Can your school or group be featured?

Yes! We encourage schools to promote recycling. Please send an email to and we will feature your organization on our map. We will even post pictures and add a link to your website!

What you are not seeing.

You're not seeing local recycling customers from Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. We will create a new google map for this in the near future.

Why did we make a Google Map?

We thought it would be really cool to show off cities that are recycling ink cartridges. The map is also a reminder to show that this is a nationwide issue, and here are a few cities that are taking advantage of our program.