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Q: How do I get paid for my empty inkjet cartridges?
A: When InkRecycling.org receives your order, there is approximately a 3 day inspection period. The inspection process consists of identifying damaged and remanufactured inkjets. Once the inkjets have completed inspection, a new purchase order will be filled out with the adjusted balance. You will receive your payment 30 days after inspection.

Q: How do I know if my inkjet is damaged or remanufactured?
A: Most of the time you don’t. That’s why your empty inkjet cartridges go through an inspection process upon arrival. The process for inspection is to make sure that ink can be refilled into the empty inkjet cartridge. The best way to make sure your empty inkjet cartridges do not get damaged is to make sure that the metal parts on the inkjets do not touch each other.

Q: How do inkjet cartridges get recycled?
A: Inkjet cartridges run out of ink, but the basic function of the inkjet can still work. When you recycle your empty inkjet cartridge, new ink can replenish the cartridge. It’s like a water bottle. You drink the first bottle with the water provided, but you can refill your bottle from another source of water.

Q: How do I get my School or Organization to set up a fundraiser?
A: We want to encourage schools and organizations to setup fundraisers with us! Sign up on our “Sign in” page with your school or organization’s name. Next, send an e-mail to recycle@inkrecycling.org regarding the details of your fundraiser. We will be happy to help with everything you need to begin your fundraiser and start recycling!

Q: Why is it such a big deal if I throw away my empty inkjet cartridge?
A: Think about it like this – Every empty inkjet cartridge has dangerous chemicals that are pollutants to our oceans and our landfills. If we keep throwing away these empty inkjets, there will be consequences to our planet and our water. We are threatening life from other species by not being careful with our waste. If we can help by recycling empty inkjets, then we are doing our part!

Q: How do I recycle my inkjets online?
A: First, sign up on our “Sign Up” page and gain access to our program. With our RMS (Recycling Management System), you can find the inkjets that you currently use. Once you have found all of the empty inkjet cartridges that you want to recycle, select the amount that you want to sell to us. Make sure to click “Update” to save your progress. Submit your order to us, and you’re done! If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions please e-mail us at recycle@inkrecycling.org and let one of our friendly representatives help you.