Terms and Conditions 

All purchases that InkRecycling.org makes are subject to inspection. The process for inspection varies by order size and takes approximately 14-30 days to complete. 

InkRecycling.org will pay for all shipping on empty Inkjets only.  

All inkjet orders must have a minimum total value of $10 to receive payment for the order. If an order does not reach this minimum, a credit balance will be held for the individual account until the $10 minimum has been reached.

Packaging your order correctly is essential to prevent damages during shipping. For empty inkjet cartridges, place all cartridges the same direction inside the box. If you need to stack the inkjets on top of each other, please use the packaging provided or a piece of cardboard to separate the layers and avoid damages.

InkRecycling.org will not take any orders that have been previously damaged prior to shipping or in the shipping process. All orders must be packaged correctly with the materials provided by InkRecycling.org. Any defective or remanufactured inkjets will not be paid for. If your empty inkjet is damaged or remanufactured, you will be notified on your new invoice that will be sent to you post inspection. If you have any questions or concerns about packaging your ink correctly please let one of our friendly recycling experts help you via e-mail at recycle@inkrecycling.org.

Thank you for your interest in recycling and we appreciate you letting our organization help our environment.


Updated: August 25th, 2016



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